Ngozi Seffu

A holy warrior in the sevice of Bane. Smite the infidels!


Paladin 2, Cleric 2, Ordained Champion 1

 Ngozi is a smiting, casting, channeling, holy warrior.


Darwishi Ngozi Seffu Ur-Bane was once a devout worshipper of Set in Mulhorand.  Following signs and portents they believed sent to them by Bane, a secret sect of Banites in that infidel land captured Ngozi, intending to subjugate and torture him into accepting Bane as the greatest of gods.  To their surprise, even before they employed any harsh methods, Ngozi went into a trance, and began speaking in all the tongues of the world about some of the inner mysteries of the worship of Bane.  To the Banites, it was clear that this Mulhorandi had been chosen by Bane himself for greatness in His holy service.  After many hours, Ngozi finally collapsed out of his supernatural trance and fell exhausted to the floor, the mark of Bane shining darkly from the back of his hand.  When they questioned him, he spoke of great visions revealed to him by Bane of what was to come, but he would not reveal any details.  It seemed as much of the knowledge he had spoken of before, had become unknown to him.

Over the next couple years, Ngozi faithfully served Bane, growing in power, knowledge, and skill at arms, becoming the most devout of His followers.  It was difficult for this sect of Banites to make much progress in Mulhorand though, for the people were foolishly devoted to their inferior gods.  They decided that as well as trying to subvert Mulhorand from within, they should work to destroy it's power at the fringes of it's sphere of influence.  It was decided that Ngozi be sent West to aid the Unther Sydicate in their holy mission to bring the order of Bane to that benighted land.  He left the land of his birth to find his destiny…

Ngozi Seffu

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