Augustus Refrain

Evil fey Warlock following a fiendish path


Name: Augustus Refrain  AL: LE; Medium Fey (Augmented Humanoid)(T: Half-Fey: Faeries; Crafty: Monsternomicon)(+2/+1)

Init:    +6 (+6 Dex), Hide +9, Move Silently +9
Senses: Perception +6, Detect Magic; Low-light Vision
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Ignan, Infernal
AC:    22 (+4 Armor, +6 Dex, +2 Insight)    T: 18    FF: 16
    hp:    20 (3d6+9)        DR 1/Cold Iron
Resist:    Acid 9, Fire 9  
Fort/Ref/Will:    +4/+7/+3 (+1/+1/+3)(+1 vs. Enchantment & Illusions/4 levels)(+4 vs. Poison)(+1 vs. Good)
Weakness: Cold Iron (Double Damage)
Speed: 30'  fly 60' (good); Climb +6, Jump +6, Ride +6, Swim +6
BAB/G: +2; +1
    Eldritch Blast: Ranged Touch: +8 (2d6; 20/x2)(R= 60')

Invocations (Spell-like abilities): DC 20+invocation level
    Least (2): See the Unseen (24 hours; Darkvision 60', See Invisibility)(C. Arcane p. 135)
                Sickening Blast (Fort DC 21 or be sickened for 1 minute; -2 to everything)(C. Arcane p. 135)

Spell-like abilities: as 3rd level caster (Chr)(per FF p. 89)
    at will: Charm Person (Will DC 18)
    3/day: Detect Law
    1/day: Glitterdust/Faerie Fire (Will 18), Hypnotism (Will 18), Sleep/Enthrall (Will 18)
Str: 8 (-1)  Dex: 22 (+6)   Con: 16 (+3)   Int: 16 (+3)   Wis: 10 (+0)   Chr: 24 (+7)

Special Qualities:
    Half-Fey (FF p. 89)(+2): Modified
    Human: +4 starting skills; +1 starting feat; +1 skill point/level

Feats: Human: Fiendish Heritage (C. Mage) 1st: Ability Focus (Eldritch Blast) 3rd: Fiendish Power (C. Mage)(+1 caster level & DC)
    5th: 7th: 9th: 11th: 13th: 15th: 17th: 19th:
    Warlock: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency
    Crafty: Fiendish Resistance (C. Mage), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Skills: *Bluff +13, *Concentration +9, Decipher Script +4, Diplomacy +10, *Disguise +8, *Intimidate +9, *K: Arcana +9, K: Local +4, K: N&R +4, *K: Planes +9, *K: Religion +9, *Spellcraft +9, Survival +1, *Use Magic Device +13

Possessions: gp:
Robe/Armor: Chain Shirt
Wrists: Armband of Elusive Action (1/day: Avoid Aoo)
Ring of Four Winds (M124)(4/day: +2 Deflection to AC or Feather Fall)
Tactics/Power-up: Augustus prefers to fly 60' up and then Eldritch Blast his opponents.  He always has See the Unseen up each morning.  If he can get away with it he will use Diplomacy & Intimidate followed up by Charm Person. 

Description: Augustus is a skinny 5'8" tall tan skinned human male with sharp features.  He has black eyes and short cut black hair. He typically wears dark colored clothing and likes to dress in voluminous robes. 

History/Motivation/Hook/Goals: Gain more fiendish power (via Fiendish Heritage feats), gain more Warlock power.  Have people follow him. 


Augustus Refrain

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