Unthar- The Rise of Bane

Harmonia Addresses the Masses

As the Champion's ship burns brightly splitting the hull in half and sinks to the bottom of the ocean Harmonia grabs the survivors and flies to shore. General Dillard immediately orders those watching to sound the alarm and gather all residents to the castle. Harmonia teleports the General back to the castle so that he can summon all his troops. Harmonia immediately teleports to the center of town to the Local Bard Association HQ and gives word that all bards should get the word out that all residents are summoned to the castle immediately! General Dillard has important news that will impact everyone in very significant ways. Harmonia then starts flying to the farms and houses in the out of the way areas and starts shuttling them to the castle, singing along the way to report to the castle immediately.

 Once the majority of the masses are gathered, General Dillard will appear with 5 of his most trusted guards and Harmonia at his side.

General Dillard: "Greetings fellow Untharians. Thank you for coming here in this most inauspicious of times. As some of you know, Mulhurand has been seeing grave loses in battle as of late. These events no doubt have given rise to the increased assassination attempts and monster encounters in the area. Because of this, I asked the Pharaoh to send us a Champion to give me guidance and help me to secure our fair city. As some of you may have seen, the Champion did arrive. To explain the events that followed, please turn your attention to my trusted aid, Harmonia so that she can give you a full detailed account."

Harmonia: "Greetings beloved friends. As General Dillard stated, the Pharaoh did send the Champion to our lands but it was not to help us in our time of need, instead he was sent to obtain more bodies for the war effort. While this information is not new, Mulhurand was asking for more troops which many of you fine people have already signed up for but we were not expecting them to be sent to the front lines so quickly, without proper training.

After some negotiating, General Dillard learned that these new recruits would be little more than slaves and front line cannon fodder and the families would not be compensated for any loses. Mulhurand was also demanding every man women and child who were able to walk to board the Champion's ship in two days time. His ship would be one of many more to come in the next few days for immediate departure. General Dillard, looking after the well being of all of you refused to allow you all to be subjugated in this way. Defying orders is not accepted in the service of the Pharaoh and the Champion viewed this act as treason. The Champion ordered his guards to arrest General Dillard. One of the guards showed a lack of discipline and drew his sword, lunging at the General. The General then called upon the Unther Syndicate's help as he defended himself. We attempted to teleport away to avoid conflict, but were prevented by anti-teleport stones that were brought by the Champion to prevent anyone in the city from escaping. The Champion felt embarrassed and angry that this lowly General would dare defy him and refused to surrender, burning the ship so that it would not be captured.

 These events were surely unexpected and unwanted. I praise General Dillard for having the strength to stand up for all of our friends and families but this does put us in a difficult position. The Pharaoh will not allow this act to go unpunished, and he will be sending more ships to damn us all to the front lines to slow the progress of Mulhurand enemies.

As General Dillard's aide, I am advising him to prepare our borders for attack by Mulhurand forces. But to do this, he will need more than my weak words to prevent the Pharaoh from taking you all away on his slave ships. The General will need the power of the people to unite together as one beautiful voice to fight back the ships and forces that would drive us all into service and certain death. I ask you all, will you help defend Shussel?"

 Assuming a yes….

"Then let us speed the election process along. So far we have two candidates who have gathered enough signatures to run for Governor. Filsberg, Lord Leland's trusted advisor who I personally endorsed and Thomas Wittingsworth a noble from the Northend of town. Both are very capable I'm sure. Normally, we would have an election using paper ballot forms but due to the dire news I have just given and need for us to make quick preparations I hope you will all allow us to move forward by a vote of voices. The candidate with the loudest crowd response shall win. Everyone in favor of Filsberg being our new Governor join me in your loudest cheer (Harmonia shouts out in a loud Hooraah) All those in favor of Thomas Wittingsworth…?"

Assuming the crowd goes with Filsberg

"Thank you all for your voices. Thomas, it is obvious that some of the people believe in you as well so I hope you will help Governor Filsberg in the administrative duties needed to strengthen our society. I feel confident that with both of you working together our families will be safe from the slave ships due to arrive. Friends, we have much work to achieve in the coming days, General Dillard and I will be making defensive plans within the next hour and will be sending guards to town asking you all for your help in the fortifications. The great General has given us a chance for life beyond a bloodied battle ground, let us not squander that gift. Filsberg, oh excuse me, Governor Filsberg has told me he will provide food and drink to all as a thank you to the General and now I guess, a celebration of you putting your faith in him as our new Governor. Thank you all and may the Gods protect us in the coming days! If anyone needs a ride out to their homes please gather at the back of the castle. Wagons will begin shuttling families in about 15 minutes. Be Well" 

August 12,2008 Write Up

At the castle Elthia was killed, Ourapuck escaped, and General Dillard was teleported to be "purged of the evil within" and replaced with a look alike. After some crafty words the guards accepted the Sydicate's story that General Dillard was under a demon's spell and that Elthia and Ourapuck were really a Demon and Hell Hound in disguise. With the castle under their control the Syndicate advanced plans to hold elections, fortify the town, recruit and train more followers for both the syndicate and the guard. Mulhurand was sending Gold (200,000) to build up forces and train people for the eventual war draft that would come shortly. The war effort was not as successful as Mulhurand had hoped.

 The Champion of Anor was sent via ship with a contingent of 5 elite guards to meet with General Dillard and access the situation in Shousil. He also had a few tools to help fortify the castle against scrying and teleportation. Greeted on shore, The Champion asked General Dillard to speak privately with him on his ship, the General accepted and the Champion began asking questions and later interrogations. The Syndicate teleported out to kill the Champion thinking that it would draw less eyes 1 mile away from the city. The Champion and all his guards were killed, the ship was set a blaze with fire and sunk, and a few onlookers watched the event unfold before their eyes.  

The Unther Times August 7th, 2008


Lord Leland Redeemed!

After reviewing all of Lord Lelands accounting records and merchant deals, General Dillard and his staff have completely exonerated Lord Leland of any wrong doings. Dillard reported, the investigation went beyond a standard check for a few reasons. The first red flag was raised when it was discovered how much of Lelands profits actually went to charitable contributions. The percent was very much higher than any other business and that drew a scrutinous eye. Word around town also indicated that Lord Leland may announce his candidacy for Governor of Shushil, which naturally required a background check and a few extra guards for security reasons. After his records were cleared through Dillard's office Leland assured him that the good people of Shusil would never harm him and insisted that the guards be instead used to protect the people.

 General Dillard Orders Walls to be Strengthened

With the numerous Troll and Giant raids on the outskirts of town, General Dillard has ordered that the walls surrounding town be fortified and warded against such attacks. He has had his guards help in the efforts allowing the Unther Syndicate time to qwell the raids.

Demons Disguised as Angels

The Unther Syndicate recently foiled a plot to kill General Dillard 2 nights ago at 2:30AM. Apparently, a demon in disguise as an Angel of Lathander along with a fiendish Hell Hound infiltrated the castle and planned to kill the General in his sleep. Luckily, the Syndicate had felt the evil presence for some time and had been waiting for the demon to make its move. They bravely fought and destroyed the Demon. Unfortunately, the hell hound escaped, but has not escaped the protective eye of the Syndicate. The Unther Syndicate will be working closely with General Dillard over the next few weeks and months to make fortifications to the castle and surrounding areas to ensure this does not happen again. Citizens are warned to be cautious if "angelic beings" appear in the area. Their disguises are close to impenetrable and they harbor ill will. Any sightings can be reported to the Unther Times to be distributed to the castle guards for their immediate attention. Please do not approach these creatures yourselves, they are very dangerous.

General Dillard Assigns New Advisor

Recent events has humbled the once arrogant General to seek council from a new advisor and who better to appoint then our own local hero Harmonia. Even with her never-ending duties as the Herald for the Unther Syndicate, she has been gracious enough to advise the General in these dark times. Sources close to the General state that her first advisory session, consisted of long talks to allow public elections so that the General and his forces can finally begin protecting the area by joining the battlefront. For more details about the elections please see the back page.   

Soup Kitchen Reopens

With Lord Lelands books finally closed from scrutiny, his staff can reopen the soup kitchen. During the temporary absence, the citizens of Shusil have truly shown how much of a need there is for such a service so Lord Leland has decreed that the kitchen will be open nightly and twice on Saturday for breakfast and Dinner. While Lord Leland is happy to fund this great mission, donations from the more wealthy are gladly accepted.    

Open elections start Monday night at 5:45pm!

After many deliberations it seems that the voices of the people have finally been heard! The open election process will begin this Monday night. All those wishing to run as a candidate will have to provide a petition of 500 people signatures. Along with the signatures will have to include printed name, address, date of birth and place of birth. These will be needed to prove legal age and residence.  

Letters to the editor

Two letters were received in the mail bag this week. One from Veronica Plumbalm thanking Lord Leland for purchasing her chickens.

The other letter was from an anonymous man in the Westend saying in these dark times he has started to lose his faith in Lathander and Anor. Every night he begs them to help provide food for his family, but the prayers go unanswered. If not for the soup kitchens he would surely starve to death. What is a man to do?

Editor response: Lathander and Anor are battling for their very lives in a fierce God war. While I am not a member of the clergy I can give you this sound advice, there are many Gods that can come to ones aid. If one God does not answer, have faith that others are out their waiting for such requests. I must give you fair warning, be careful where you find your help because as reported this week, some Demons are disguising themselves as Angels. My advise to you and your neighbors is to visit the Bookworm Library on Devon Street. There you will find a book entitled "A life without hope" by Merriam Nusbaum. A public reading of Nusbaum's work and a book signing will be held next Tuesday at the River Side Tavern starting at 6:00am. There is no cover charge and food will be provided free to all who have bought the book. This reading is sponsored by your Local Bard Association – LBA    


Tired of your current lot in life? Need a class change or a bit of extra silver to keep food on the table? General Dillard seeks new recruits to fill his ranks. The first 100 able bodies men or women who sign up will receive magical armor, shield and sword and 100 gold pieces as a sign up bonus. You luck is about to change, be a part of the solution. Sign up today! Visit castle grounds between 8am and 3pm Monday through Friday.

Bekkars crematorium opens this week. If you can't afford to bury your recently deceased, bring them by Bekkars for our free crematorium service. Includes memorial service, food and beverages, and proper ceremony. Located just behind the Dark Knight Tavern.

A chance for power?

That holy whore of Lathander made a big mistake by tryin to mess with us again.  Too bad we couldnt keep her sweet ass around a little longer for some real fun, but it was great to see that bitch go down anyway.  Also good to see that tight-ass Dillard get what was comin to him.  Maybe I'll give Pocco a hand gettin all the information outta him.

Well, looks like we got a pretty good setup now.  We got the fake Dillard, the thieves guild, and the stupid peasants love us!  They almost bow down and lick Harmonia's tail when she goes by.  She's sure got a nice tail too…heheh…  Now we gotta kill that new champion scumbag thats comin from Mulhorand.  Once we got things under our control real good, and get some more converts to Bane, we can reveal everyone the true power of the God of Tyranny.  This land'll never be the same again when we're done with it.

July 28th The Unther Times

Shussel under new leadership


It appears that Mulhurand officials have named General Dillard as the new leader and protector of Shussel. (picture of the General included in article). As one of his first official duties, the General removed many of the brave guards who helped protect the city in the past under General Pizor’s command and replaced them with some of his own "trusted" men. While I'm sure these new troops will perform their duties adequately it begs the question, "why did he have the other guards removed in the first place?". The General was unavailable for comment.


Local parade lights up the town

A fabulous parade celebrating the brave efforts of the Unther Syndicate occurred yesterday at noon. The festivities allowed the community an opportunity to thank the Syndicate for its efforts protecting the town. Many Syndicate members were in attendance and Harmonia put on entertaining performances recreating the battles won. Meat and Bread was provided for all attending and all children received wonderful candies and small signed pictures of the Unther Syndicate members to trade with friends (think baseball cards). The Syndicate members were quite moved by the festivities and thanked the town for creating such a stir. They vowed to help bring the town to its prior glory before the dark mist swooped away so many lives.

Local Heroes Seek New Members 

 During some of the lovely speeches given during the parade, Harmonia, of the Unther Syndicate, asked the crowd to let her know if any would like to join the syndicate as full fledged members. All types of skills were needed, even skills beyond battle. Cooks, road crews, newspaper delivery, artists, crafters, many were needed to help spread the word and help build the town and its walls to protect against the beasts at the outskirts. All interested should inquire at Lord Leland's Keep 2 weeks from Tuesday. 


Giants and Trolls Plague Outskirts

There have been many reports of Giants and Trolls causing problems at the outskirts of town. Citizens should be careful when traveling at night and always go in groups. The Syndicate has been assigned to clear up these problems so we will have to pray that they are able to in a timely manner. 

 General Dillard Posts Guards Around Lord Lelands Keep

In a bold display of power, General Dillard has posted 10 guards around Lord Leland's Keep to "protect" it from the Troll and Giant threat. He has also ordered all of Lord Lelands business contracts to be investigated. It is unclear as to the reason this investigation persists or what evidence or right the General has to perform such a search on someone who has done so much good for the community. What is clear, is that until these investigations are concluded, the soup kitchen will unfortunately not be able to continue until all staff are able to get back to regular business. Let us hope the General is able to conclude his investigation quickly so that normal operations can continue to benefit the community.

General Elections Proposed

Many larger cities have full working governments allowing the armies to venture out and protect the land, leaving administrators elected by the common folk or appointed due to royal lineages to run the day to day operations of the town. While Shussel isn't a large city, a similar model would be beneficial regardless of size. With the recent terrors this small town has seen, the Mulhurand Army would do better on the front line preventing these terrors from making their way to our small town instead of having guards hassle the local population due to boredom. A small town meeting is scheduled for the day after tomorrow at midnight to discuss possible solutions and possible candidates. All community members are welcome to attend.



Help wanted! If you have an adventurous soul and a willingness to learn you could be a perfect choice to become a member of the Unther Syndicate. All interested should inquire at Lord Leland's Keep 2 weeks from Tuesday. 


Feeling blue? Visit Tapper John's liquid remedies on the corner of Bell Street near the Old Orchid Inn


Upcoming brothel seeks clean and attractive females for permanent or temporary positions. Good pay and benefits, lodging is available for the right applicants. Interested? Come by the Dark Knight Tavern at 8pm Thursday for more information.




July 28th Write up

While the group prepared and fortified the guild a visitor came requesting an audience with the Unther Syndicate. Since this new location was supposed to be a secret place, the group was surprised and leery of the visitor. The group went out to meet the mysterious visitor. The dark shadowy being knew the members names and they were worshipers of Bane but gave little indication as to who he/she was. Harmonia, tired and suspicious told Vork to "kill her". As soon as the words were spoken the cloaked figure through back her arms revealing white wings that radiated the goodness and power of Lathander. Elenthia revealed herself as said she was her to put an end to our deceit and deceptions. The angel did well against the group. For the most part, the weapons they held did little damage to her but through persistent tripping and grappling from Vork and Harmonia the group managed to capture her. As Whisper began tying her up and Rygle planned of a glorious sacrifice, in a blink of the eye, she disappeared.

 As the days passed, Dillard's suspicion of the Syndicate and Lord Leland grew. He sent guards to surround Lelands keep to "protect it" while the Syndicate was away and requested an audience with Harmonia. After Illkirk cast an augury spell do determine if she would be safe, she flew off to meet with him. Unknown to Harmonia, Whisper loomed in the shadows watching. Dillard's latest plan to remove the syndicate was to send them to the front lines to the west under the command of General Toras. She said she couldn't speak for the group and would ask them, knowing full well they would not be going any time soon. Dillard was also upset that the syndicate was getting all of the fame and glory while he and his troops did not get any recognition. He "offered" to send 10 of his guards to help us in fighting the Trolls and Giants so that they too could gain some glory on the printed page.  

The syndicate began making plans to remove General Dillard from his post. Pocco used the Unther Times and his network to find a look alike for the General which he did – the spitting image of Dillard. The plan was to teleport into Dillards bed chamber kill or capture him and replace him with the look alike. Rygle teleported the group as laid out in the plan only to find Dillards bed surrounded by guards with Elethia and Ourapuck in the back corner pleased that her intuition was right. 


The Giant Awakens

Ahh, my head's finally clear again.  Everything's so different than before…  This land is full of lotsa dangers, and also possibilities for the Great God to take advantage of.  The peasants of the land have suffered alot and will be lookin' for someone or something to save 'em.  The Unther Syndicate can step in and make this place our own, all in service of the Great God!  My friends are clever, but sometimes not clever enough.  They're always talkin' about Bane in front lotsa different people, and I'm sure word will spread unless we do somethin' about it.  Heads may have to roll!  I could do with some fresh elf-flesh too.  That one over there looks damn tasty…

It's too bad that poor Gibby died, but there are lots more giant-kind who might join with us.  My people dont deserve to be monsters exiled to the wild places.  The people of this land will soon feel our power!

July 15, 2008 The Unther Times

The Unther Sydicate Brings the Deadly Assassin to Justice!


The dark assassin from the North known only as “Spider” was brought to final justice today by our local heroes The Unther Syndicate. Spider was proven to be directly responsible for taking the lives of Champion Holgart Durant and General Nilder Pizor. The Syndicate was instructed by Captain Dillard to seek out the killer and bring him to justice. Sources close to the group report that the killer was found in the Northern regions of the area.


This is not the first time we’ve heard of problems coming from the North. The Syndicate has pleaded repeatedly with Captain Dillard to move his forces there to protect Shoeshil but his own cowardness prevents him from doing so. It seems safe to say that if the good Captain can not protect Shoeshil and is too fearful to venture North, stopping the plague of assassins, monsters and who knows what else – the Unther Syndicate surely will.


Lord Leland’s Flock Grows


While walking in the poor district in Shoeshil, Lord Leland noticed an old woman weeping uncontrollably. When he asked the women what was wrong she looked up and told him she could no longer afford to buy chicken feed and her flock would soon perish before they were ready to market. She was weeping because she feared her family would soon follow suit. With a genuine smile, the gracious lord offered to purchase the chickens early and at the full asking price. Leland was quoted as saying to the women “When these chickens are full grown and ready to eat I will invite your family and neighbors to visit my keep and dine with me and my staff”.


Gold Coins Start Art Gallery


A new art gallery opened last week in the heart of Shoeshil. Many works of art were displayed for the public to view both in sculpture and on canvas. Some of the images were a bit disturbing. A prominent sculpture titled “Greed” depicted a mutilated figure lying helpless on a cold stone floor missing eyes, ears, arms and completely disemboweled. Some of the canvas paintings were quite abstract one magnificent piece titled “Savior” had splashes of various colors with a simple red cap in the top right quadrant.


While the building and the current pieces are mostly from anonymous donors, submissions are accepted and welcomed.  


The new exhibit is a must see for all, children are recommended to be accompanied with adults and will be given a free sucker at the door. The “Greed” sculpture is only to be viewed after 7pm and for adults over 16 years or older.


Gossip Column/Editorials


A strange birdlike creature has been seen lurking in dark alleyways. Some say it is an omen of bad times ahead. If anyone sees the creature, please contact the times.

An adulterous shopkeep working for Lord Dendrick was caught in a lurid affair as his indiscretions were played for all to see last afternoon. While the women’s features seemed blurred it was clearly not his wife of 10 years.




Gold given for holy symbols. Trade in your old religious relics for a little bit of gold. Collections begin at 8pm morrows eve and every 3rd lunar day. Lathander symbols bring top dollar.


The Prancing Pony seek wait staff. Females preferred. Inquire within


Bring this ad in to receive ½ off a lamb stew special every Thursday night at the Drunken Sailor Inn.

July 15th Write up

The group grew ever closer to the Thieves Guild. As whisper scouted ahead it was clear that the two humans sitting by the fire were not mere travelers or surprised to have visitors. The group approached and was briefly questioned. The two guards agreed to allow the group an audience with the guild leader Jerod as long as we stripped down and put on plain robes and a blindfold. Perhaps it was too many days in the hot blazing sun but Harmonia, Rygel and Pocco agreed to the terms while the other members of the Syndicate wisely stayed behind. Whisper seemed to be know where in sight but was secretly following the guards to learn of the entrance to the guild. The guards took Harmonia and Rygel through a series of twists and turns until finally they were face to face with Jerod and to his right, Spider. Harsh words were spoken about broken deals, murder attempts and penance due. Seeing an opportunity to gain more allies, Harmonia agreed to receive penance as long as it would help build a new relationship with the guild. The agreement was made and Harmonia was brought to a cell. Rygel and Pocco were brought to holding cells as well. Spider and two guards were beating Harmonia for hours until they realized she wasn't minding it too much. Spider with a wicked look in his eyes decided to up the ante and attempted to rape her with one of the sticks they were using to beat her. Harmonia's eyes turned red as she attempted to break free. Rygel hearing the commotion came to her aid, tricked the guards to open the cell and fired off an endless stream of fireballs. Chained to the wall there was little Harmonia could do and quickly fell unconscious. Drifting back and forth she felt the pain of the stick penetrating her. Rygel, to his credit caused enough suffering of his own to get Spider's attention. Harmonia ceased the moment and cast a knock spell to unfasten the chains.

During this time Whisper informed Illkirk, Vork and Gibby where the entrance was and all decided to go in, Gibby wearing Harmonia's Cloak of Humankind. Through various tunnels and traps the group made their way through the guild and eventually found Harmonia, Rygel and Pocco in full combat. Many great strategies were used by all Whisper culled through dozens of guards with godlike precision. Illkirk reequipped the group, not even time could stand in his way. Gibby and Vork did what giants do best – smash, even little Pacco fired some rounds off while carefully avoiding Jerod.

Lord Leland appeared and praised the group and cleared out the remaining guards. He spoke to Jerod, healed him and gave him back the swords Vork disarmed him of. The group looks surprised and doubted these intentions, but in the end this was but another test. The group easily felled Jerod and Harmonia had her revenge.

The group was rewarded with the Guild itself, Millions in gold coin and items, and Leland's approval. The group also recovered the sword they were sent to retrieve and presented it to Lord Leland.

July 7, 2008

This fight long. Gibby tired. Gibby hurt.


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