Unthar- The Rise of Bane

The Giant Awakens

Ahh, my head's finally clear again.  Everything's so different than before…  This land is full of lotsa dangers, and also possibilities for the Great God to take advantage of.  The peasants of the land have suffered alot and will be lookin' for someone or something to save 'em.  The Unther Syndicate can step in and make this place our own, all in service of the Great God!  My friends are clever, but sometimes not clever enough.  They're always talkin' about Bane in front lotsa different people, and I'm sure word will spread unless we do somethin' about it.  Heads may have to roll!  I could do with some fresh elf-flesh too.  That one over there looks damn tasty…

It's too bad that poor Gibby died, but there are lots more giant-kind who might join with us.  My people dont deserve to be monsters exiled to the wild places.  The people of this land will soon feel our power!

July 15, 2008 The Unther Times

The Unther Sydicate Brings the Deadly Assassin to Justice!


The dark assassin from the North known only as “Spider” was brought to final justice today by our local heroes The Unther Syndicate. Spider was proven to be directly responsible for taking the lives of Champion Holgart Durant and General Nilder Pizor. The Syndicate was instructed by Captain Dillard to seek out the killer and bring him to justice. Sources close to the group report that the killer was found in the Northern regions of the area.


This is not the first time we’ve heard of problems coming from the North. The Syndicate has pleaded repeatedly with Captain Dillard to move his forces there to protect Shoeshil but his own cowardness prevents him from doing so. It seems safe to say that if the good Captain can not protect Shoeshil and is too fearful to venture North, stopping the plague of assassins, monsters and who knows what else – the Unther Syndicate surely will.


Lord Leland’s Flock Grows


While walking in the poor district in Shoeshil, Lord Leland noticed an old woman weeping uncontrollably. When he asked the women what was wrong she looked up and told him she could no longer afford to buy chicken feed and her flock would soon perish before they were ready to market. She was weeping because she feared her family would soon follow suit. With a genuine smile, the gracious lord offered to purchase the chickens early and at the full asking price. Leland was quoted as saying to the women “When these chickens are full grown and ready to eat I will invite your family and neighbors to visit my keep and dine with me and my staff”.


Gold Coins Start Art Gallery


A new art gallery opened last week in the heart of Shoeshil. Many works of art were displayed for the public to view both in sculpture and on canvas. Some of the images were a bit disturbing. A prominent sculpture titled “Greed” depicted a mutilated figure lying helpless on a cold stone floor missing eyes, ears, arms and completely disemboweled. Some of the canvas paintings were quite abstract one magnificent piece titled “Savior” had splashes of various colors with a simple red cap in the top right quadrant.


While the building and the current pieces are mostly from anonymous donors, submissions are accepted and welcomed.  


The new exhibit is a must see for all, children are recommended to be accompanied with adults and will be given a free sucker at the door. The “Greed” sculpture is only to be viewed after 7pm and for adults over 16 years or older.


Gossip Column/Editorials


A strange birdlike creature has been seen lurking in dark alleyways. Some say it is an omen of bad times ahead. If anyone sees the creature, please contact the times.

An adulterous shopkeep working for Lord Dendrick was caught in a lurid affair as his indiscretions were played for all to see last afternoon. While the women’s features seemed blurred it was clearly not his wife of 10 years.




Gold given for holy symbols. Trade in your old religious relics for a little bit of gold. Collections begin at 8pm morrows eve and every 3rd lunar day. Lathander symbols bring top dollar.


The Prancing Pony seek wait staff. Females preferred. Inquire within


Bring this ad in to receive ½ off a lamb stew special every Thursday night at the Drunken Sailor Inn.

July 15th Write up

The group grew ever closer to the Thieves Guild. As whisper scouted ahead it was clear that the two humans sitting by the fire were not mere travelers or surprised to have visitors. The group approached and was briefly questioned. The two guards agreed to allow the group an audience with the guild leader Jerod as long as we stripped down and put on plain robes and a blindfold. Perhaps it was too many days in the hot blazing sun but Harmonia, Rygel and Pocco agreed to the terms while the other members of the Syndicate wisely stayed behind. Whisper seemed to be know where in sight but was secretly following the guards to learn of the entrance to the guild. The guards took Harmonia and Rygel through a series of twists and turns until finally they were face to face with Jerod and to his right, Spider. Harsh words were spoken about broken deals, murder attempts and penance due. Seeing an opportunity to gain more allies, Harmonia agreed to receive penance as long as it would help build a new relationship with the guild. The agreement was made and Harmonia was brought to a cell. Rygel and Pocco were brought to holding cells as well. Spider and two guards were beating Harmonia for hours until they realized she wasn't minding it too much. Spider with a wicked look in his eyes decided to up the ante and attempted to rape her with one of the sticks they were using to beat her. Harmonia's eyes turned red as she attempted to break free. Rygel hearing the commotion came to her aid, tricked the guards to open the cell and fired off an endless stream of fireballs. Chained to the wall there was little Harmonia could do and quickly fell unconscious. Drifting back and forth she felt the pain of the stick penetrating her. Rygel, to his credit caused enough suffering of his own to get Spider's attention. Harmonia ceased the moment and cast a knock spell to unfasten the chains.

During this time Whisper informed Illkirk, Vork and Gibby where the entrance was and all decided to go in, Gibby wearing Harmonia's Cloak of Humankind. Through various tunnels and traps the group made their way through the guild and eventually found Harmonia, Rygel and Pocco in full combat. Many great strategies were used by all Whisper culled through dozens of guards with godlike precision. Illkirk reequipped the group, not even time could stand in his way. Gibby and Vork did what giants do best – smash, even little Pacco fired some rounds off while carefully avoiding Jerod.

Lord Leland appeared and praised the group and cleared out the remaining guards. He spoke to Jerod, healed him and gave him back the swords Vork disarmed him of. The group looks surprised and doubted these intentions, but in the end this was but another test. The group easily felled Jerod and Harmonia had her revenge.

The group was rewarded with the Guild itself, Millions in gold coin and items, and Leland's approval. The group also recovered the sword they were sent to retrieve and presented it to Lord Leland.

July 7, 2008

This fight long. Gibby tired. Gibby hurt.

June 28, 2008

After many hot days of travel the Unther Syndicate finally reached the famed city of Saqamzar.
as they approached, there was a feeling of apprehension which made the group feel uneasy and caused
them to use extreme caution. Riegel, Harmonia and one of Gibby's pretties, flew in for a closer look
while the rest of the group waited for their return.

A deserted desert city awaited them, or so it would seem. As Riegel and Harmonia grew closer, all they saw
was troll skeletons littering the ground. Riegel spotted the temple where the map to the thieves guild was said to
be located by our guide, Pacco. Riegel summoned a hawk to get a closer look, Harmonia as well flew in closer.
When nothing seemed to be active, Harmonia sung out and the door to the temple magically opened and the undead
rose and formed into fiery skeletal guards, protecting the temple gate. Riegel and Harmonia now had something to report back
to the group and made haste to fly off to do so. It was decided to fly in and land on the roof of the temple. It was a
heavy load but Harmonia, Riegel and "pretty" were able to carry Gibby, Vork, Illkirk, Whisper and Pacco.

Once at the temple Gibby made quick work of the temple ceiling to create a new entrance. Below in the inner chamber was a circle
of fiery skeletal trolls. Gibby jumped down to crush them while Whisper and Pacco repelled into a nearby window.

Harmonia and Vork flew down to the main entrance to try and make a dent in the many undead that were now forming at the front gate.
After some mighty swings of Vorks sword, it was quickly decided that they were out numbered. Riegel stood at the temple door
poised for attack, when her heard the soft voice of Harmonia singing a sweet melody. He was surprised when the walls
began to surround him but knew it to be only an illusion to keep the reinforcements at bay. Surveying the situation he took out his red cap
and dipped his finger in for a taste. Pain shrieked through Gibby's burning flesh but his wounds healed from Riegel's
menacing touch.

Vork was dropped into the temple to aid Gibby and both destroyed many skeleton's, only to have them explode and then
rise again. The giants were slow to catch on to their regenerative properties, but luckily Riegel was quick to act and
doused the flames as they fell with magically created water.

Whisper was first to notice the broken seal of Lathander replaced with one of Set.

Whisper, Pacco and Illkirk split up to find the scroll. While the dousing of the skeletons continued, Illkirk opened
a door to a room full of scrolls, and one insane Lich who demanded Illkirk to bring him Peaches.

Whisper also opened a door to a separate room and found a disturbing coconut husk doll that Harmonia determined to have
necromantic properties. Un willing to touch the accursed object, Whisper carefully gathered the item with a wooden tray.
Illkirk, seeing the doll made a quick assumption that it must be "Peaches". Lost in thought Illkirk did not have time to warn Harmonia of the lich in the room as
she flew past, into the scroll room. Again he asked for peaches. She promised to bring him some peaches and left quickly.
Illkirk explained his assumption and Harmonia conjured a magical hand to carry the doll and brought it to the lich. While he
was happy to see his peaches, he was not amused by the magical hand presenting it to him. Harmonia agreed to exchange peaches for the scroll
and the two had an accord, or so she thought. When she handed the doll to the lich she felt her life being sucked away from her
as the lich seemed to drain her essence. She could not move but she was able to squeeze out a few words "take all of the scrolls".
Whisper and Illkirk started dumping scroll after scroll into their bags. Pacco raced in and fired some arrows at the lich, to no
effect. The crafty halfling saw a scroll in the Liches belt and decided to take Peaches in hopes of stopping the lich. After many attempts, he finally succeeded
and began to draw from the liches energy. While the Lich was incompacitated, the rest of the group (except Gibby and Reigel who were still
dealing with the skeletons) took down the Lich and contained Peaches. It was decided that Peaches would be brought back to Lord Leland.
Pacco was not too keen on letting anyone else possess Peaches, so harmonia conjured a Kenku to take it, and the group
quickly killed the Kenku, mage handed the doll into a burlap sack and gave it to Vork to hold until we returned.


Fire burn!

Sand place good & warm.  It boring!  Lotsa walking.  Lotsa talking.  No fight.  Got food, that good.  Gibby good friend, fight good.  Find bad god temple. Break roof, look for paper.  Lotsa bone-fire-man hurt Gibby.  They no stay dead!  They burn us.  Smash them more.  Kill crazy dead-man.  Find Peaches.  Friends think doll scary….HAHAHA!!!  Vork not scared.  They give Peaches, it mine now.  We got more loot.  Loot always good.  Doll good?  shrug  We get big bad sword soon.  Make Bane happy!

Journey through the desert

The Unther Syndicate has set out to find the rumored thieves guild. Their goal is to gain the Sword of Gilgeam from the guild. According to Lord Leland, the guild does not realize the true power of the sword. The group has been instructed to get the sword and were given 200,000 gp to offer to the guild. Vargus, a local contact for the guild, found a guide to lead the group through the desert. This guide was Pocco Alvert, a charismatic Halfling with a love of telling stories. Pocco has proven himself to be formidable with his cross bow. The group was tracked down by a hungry stone giant, named Gibby. After a tough fight, Vork was able to convince Gibby to join the group with the promise of never ending food. At that point the group decided it was time to break their association with Pocco. Some members expressed distrust of Pocco and threatened to barbeque his mount (which did happen to be a savory treat…..mmmm…bacon) Whisper had a professional understanding with Pocco and assured him he could leave the group safely. Unfortunately the group did not back this agreement and felt that the break with Pocco needed to be a little more permanent then what Whisper had in mind. The group fell upon Pocco who attempted to hide and run away with the Aid of Whisper, who felt obligated to hold the agreement. The group surrounded Pocco who assured them they would not find the guild without his help. After “lotsa talk”, as stated by Vork, Pocco declared himself a fledgling convert of Bane to save his skin. The group accepted his declaration and wanted to have him perform the ritual of Bane. Unfortunately, As Rigel pointed out, there was not a worthy sacrifice to be found. So for now the group will take Pocco at his word until a worthy sacrifice can be identified. Pocco shared with the group the danger they face upon going to the thieves but first they must face the perilous journey into Saqamzar, an abandoned city to the west.

June 4 2008

In the aftermath of General Pizar's death, Capitan Dillard brought Harmonia back to the guard post castle to allow her to heal her wounds. The next day Lord Leland and the rest of the Unther Syndicate met briefly to discuss recent events. Surprisingly Leland was not as upset as some feared with the death of the General, he was displeased with the group not working as a united force. He sent the group to the castle to find out the status of the group's herald. They were met at the gates by 2 guards who detained them while other guards sought permission from the Captain to allow them to enter. They were permitted entry and gathered in the great hall to discuss the happenings and saw that Harmonia was alive and stable, still looking the worse for wear.
 The Captain offered Harmonia to act as his advisor, a proposition she was still mulling over. He also offered to continue the contract  that the group had with General Pizar – our services for 10,000gp a month. Illkirk made it clear that Lord Leland wanted to see her, she said she'd be along shortly. Just before the Syndicate was about to leave Harmonia made an effort to acquire some new items being a mostly fighter army there was little magic that was offered but the captain revealed that there was a secret stash of poerful items located in the castle.
Harmonia seeing how her options were limited asked if the Captain had anything for the great giant Vork. The captain looked at Vork and asked him if he would need some armor. Vork replied "Vork have new Shiney Armor" (or something like that). The Captain inquired more and discovered that Vork had the Champions armor on and demanded it back. While Whisper slunk in the shadows waiting for an opportune time to strike (if needed) Illkirk concocted a story of how Vork found the armor laying in a dark ally, must have been dropped by the infamous Spider. The Captain bought the story assigned the group to start looking for the elusive Spider and report back in a week. All left to report back to Leland, Harmonia joined the group about 10 minutes after they arrived at Leland's keep.
 Once the group reported back, Leland talked about a powerful general fighting in the North who just lost his God to the wars (Gilgem). Leland said this would be a good opportunity to convert him to the ways of Bane but to do so we'd have to acquire a great sword of the Gods which holds the essence of the slain God Gilgem. This sword was located in a thieves guild. They were unaware of what they held and we were instructed to obtain the sword but not to use it. Leland gave us 100,000gp to help in the process.

Whisper learned of a contact that could help us – a Dwarven bar keep by the name of Vargus who owed the Vampire's Kiss – a tavern in the shady part of town where even the guards do not patrol.
 The meeting went surprisingly well and according to plan. Illkirk seemed to already know Vargus and when approached for information on the guild it only took 200gp to acquire a map and information about how best to travel.

Vargus was also kind enough to inform the group that a 200,000gp price was on our heads from Spider and that he was going to Mulhurand to tell the officials there that the Syndicate killed the General and Champion.

May 28, 2008 The Unther Times by Harpsichord Flatbottom

Mulherand Leaders Slain in Deadly Assasination Attempt

Champion Holgart Durant and General Nilder Pizor were both murdered in seperate events by a deadly assasin known only as "Spider" Below you will see a picture of the killer <Spider's picture is in the article>. Lord Leland of Shoeshil, has generously offered a 10,000gp reward for the capture or death of the assasin. He was quoted as saying "These murders from the North must be brought to justice quickly, before any more Unthalins are senslessly murdered". If anyone has any knowledge about the wearabouts of said killer, please contact Lord Leland's trusted assistant and herald of the Unther Syndicate Harmonia at Lord Leland's Keep.

The funerals will be held as soon as General Pizor's successor, Captian Durant, feels that it is safe to do so. The Captain – recently promoted to Acting General by General Pizor – was Pizor's trusted 2nd in command. Sources close to the deceased, say that General Pizor's last orders were to promote Captain Durant to the rank of General with the understanding that he would leave Shoshil under Lord Leland's just rule, while General Durant took his army North to fight the forces of darkness. It is unclear at this point, whether General Durant will travel North as ordered. What is clear is that Unthalis will not be truly safe until he does. 

Members of The Unther Sydicate urge you to join them in a public protest this coming Friday asking the newly appointed General to obey the orders of a dying man and take his armies North, ridding us of the evil in this land.  

Bard's join to help the public read

Article talking about how local bards are planning and scheduling weekly readings of The Unther Times in the taverns, inns, libraries, and local gathering places. Local bards are encouraged to join in and entertain the crowds. Each week the bard with the most entertaing dictation of the newsprint will be awarded 10 gold pieces at the storefront of Lord Dendrick's wares. <Harmoina will have her servants deliver the gold>
Food for the Poor

Story talking about how Lord Leland is starting to set up a food line serving soup and bread every Sunday at dusk.

Gossip Column/Editorials

Northerners infiltrate Mulhurand strongholds – talks about evil creatures from the north digging tunnels into the fort allowing for assassins to do their worst

General Durant fears death and will not travel north – Talks about how the Captain took Pizors post and rank but is too cowardly to travel North to defeat the evil that lies there

Lord Leland welcomes newcomers to Shoshil and guantees their saftey -Drawn pictures of Leland welcoming in small children and families as they enter the town.


Strong young farmer seeks aging widow for companionship and more. Meet daily at the dancing daisy when the sun is highest in the sky. 

For Sale: High quality traveler clothes for sale or trade. Interested? Visit the clothesline at the corner of town past the large oak  

A picture here signifying "If you wish to to post an ad send 1 copper piece to the following address: Harpsicord Flatbottom (Harmonia's address)

May 28th, 2008 (Vork)
Pizar bad!

Us kill champeen. Pizar friend now.  Talk him good.  Moni say kill Pizar. Now Pizar bad.  Kill Pizar!  Now Pizar good?!?  Me not know.  This stupid!    Hmmm…  Talk Pizar more…grrr.  Stupid Pizar.  Pizar like dumb god.  Pizar bad again. Smash Pizar!  Me crush Pizar.  We got Pizar loot.  Good shiny Vork armor.  Happy armor, haha!  Bring Pizar to big boss.  He mad, yell some stuff.  Meet shadow man.  Pretty shiny gold rock.  Bad kitty come back.  Dead kitty now.  Kitty gone, no eat…that sad.  More talk, me bored. YAWN  We got plan. shrug  Go eat lotsa food.  Friends go away, come back.  Run outside.  Look Spider man.  No find him.  Pizar dead.  Me no care, got Pizar loot.  Big Boss REAL BIG boss now?  We big strong now.  Vork want fun-time.  Go Lily Pad, make big snu-snu!!  Oops…me break nice lady.  Pay more, it ok.  Me drink happy-juice, look for fight.  It good day!


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