Unthar- The Rise of Bane

The Unther Times August 7th, 2008


Lord Leland Redeemed!

After reviewing all of Lord Lelands accounting records and merchant deals, General Dillard and his staff have completely exonerated Lord Leland of any wrong doings. Dillard reported, the investigation went beyond a standard check for a few reasons. The first red flag was raised when it was discovered how much of Lelands profits actually went to charitable contributions. The percent was very much higher than any other business and that drew a scrutinous eye. Word around town also indicated that Lord Leland may announce his candidacy for Governor of Shushil, which naturally required a background check and a few extra guards for security reasons. After his records were cleared through Dillard's office Leland assured him that the good people of Shusil would never harm him and insisted that the guards be instead used to protect the people.

 General Dillard Orders Walls to be Strengthened

With the numerous Troll and Giant raids on the outskirts of town, General Dillard has ordered that the walls surrounding town be fortified and warded against such attacks. He has had his guards help in the efforts allowing the Unther Syndicate time to qwell the raids.

Demons Disguised as Angels

The Unther Syndicate recently foiled a plot to kill General Dillard 2 nights ago at 2:30AM. Apparently, a demon in disguise as an Angel of Lathander along with a fiendish Hell Hound infiltrated the castle and planned to kill the General in his sleep. Luckily, the Syndicate had felt the evil presence for some time and had been waiting for the demon to make its move. They bravely fought and destroyed the Demon. Unfortunately, the hell hound escaped, but has not escaped the protective eye of the Syndicate. The Unther Syndicate will be working closely with General Dillard over the next few weeks and months to make fortifications to the castle and surrounding areas to ensure this does not happen again. Citizens are warned to be cautious if "angelic beings" appear in the area. Their disguises are close to impenetrable and they harbor ill will. Any sightings can be reported to the Unther Times to be distributed to the castle guards for their immediate attention. Please do not approach these creatures yourselves, they are very dangerous.

General Dillard Assigns New Advisor

Recent events has humbled the once arrogant General to seek council from a new advisor and who better to appoint then our own local hero Harmonia. Even with her never-ending duties as the Herald for the Unther Syndicate, she has been gracious enough to advise the General in these dark times. Sources close to the General state that her first advisory session, consisted of long talks to allow public elections so that the General and his forces can finally begin protecting the area by joining the battlefront. For more details about the elections please see the back page.   

Soup Kitchen Reopens

With Lord Lelands books finally closed from scrutiny, his staff can reopen the soup kitchen. During the temporary absence, the citizens of Shusil have truly shown how much of a need there is for such a service so Lord Leland has decreed that the kitchen will be open nightly and twice on Saturday for breakfast and Dinner. While Lord Leland is happy to fund this great mission, donations from the more wealthy are gladly accepted.    

Open elections start Monday night at 5:45pm!

After many deliberations it seems that the voices of the people have finally been heard! The open election process will begin this Monday night. All those wishing to run as a candidate will have to provide a petition of 500 people signatures. Along with the signatures will have to include printed name, address, date of birth and place of birth. These will be needed to prove legal age and residence.  

Letters to the editor

Two letters were received in the mail bag this week. One from Veronica Plumbalm thanking Lord Leland for purchasing her chickens.

The other letter was from an anonymous man in the Westend saying in these dark times he has started to lose his faith in Lathander and Anor. Every night he begs them to help provide food for his family, but the prayers go unanswered. If not for the soup kitchens he would surely starve to death. What is a man to do?

Editor response: Lathander and Anor are battling for their very lives in a fierce God war. While I am not a member of the clergy I can give you this sound advice, there are many Gods that can come to ones aid. If one God does not answer, have faith that others are out their waiting for such requests. I must give you fair warning, be careful where you find your help because as reported this week, some Demons are disguising themselves as Angels. My advise to you and your neighbors is to visit the Bookworm Library on Devon Street. There you will find a book entitled "A life without hope" by Merriam Nusbaum. A public reading of Nusbaum's work and a book signing will be held next Tuesday at the River Side Tavern starting at 6:00am. There is no cover charge and food will be provided free to all who have bought the book. This reading is sponsored by your Local Bard Association – LBA    


Tired of your current lot in life? Need a class change or a bit of extra silver to keep food on the table? General Dillard seeks new recruits to fill his ranks. The first 100 able bodies men or women who sign up will receive magical armor, shield and sword and 100 gold pieces as a sign up bonus. You luck is about to change, be a part of the solution. Sign up today! Visit castle grounds between 8am and 3pm Monday through Friday.

Bekkars crematorium opens this week. If you can't afford to bury your recently deceased, bring them by Bekkars for our free crematorium service. Includes memorial service, food and beverages, and proper ceremony. Located just behind the Dark Knight Tavern.



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