Unthar- The Rise of Bane

The Giant Awakens

Ahh, my head's finally clear again.  Everything's so different than before…  This land is full of lotsa dangers, and also possibilities for the Great God to take advantage of.  The peasants of the land have suffered alot and will be lookin' for someone or something to save 'em.  The Unther Syndicate can step in and make this place our own, all in service of the Great God!  My friends are clever, but sometimes not clever enough.  They're always talkin' about Bane in front lotsa different people, and I'm sure word will spread unless we do somethin' about it.  Heads may have to roll!  I could do with some fresh elf-flesh too.  That one over there looks damn tasty…

It's too bad that poor Gibby died, but there are lots more giant-kind who might join with us.  My people dont deserve to be monsters exiled to the wild places.  The people of this land will soon feel our power!



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