Unthar- The Rise of Bane

Negotiating General Pizor

Not Dan, Harmonia :)

As the group’s Herald (Bard) I’ll give a quick overview of what happened for Rich’s benefit…

Some of the group gathered in Lord L’s (I don’t have my notes in front of me so I don’t remember his exact name) chambers to meet each other and learn the ground rules. Lord L made it clear that the spoils of adventuring would be brought to him in total and he would supply the group with the items they needed. He showed that by touching a group member, those who have taken the oath to serve Bane a black skull would take form on the top of the character’s hand. All at the meeting had the black skull except Augustus (Jonathan’s Character) which Lord L assured us was acceptable at the moment. Augustus (Gus as Vork likes to call him) is new to the Bane fold and will need convincing of his power before committing to his undying service. So far the cast of characters are:

Vork (Mike) – an ugly half giant killing machine. While not all that intelligent, he has proven to be docile to the group members and is working well with the group.

Augustus (Jonathan) – A somewhat arrogant human spell caster (assumed – of what type, I don’t think was covered but NOT a wizard). Seems to be very knowledgeable.

Unnamed – (Chris) – so far we know he/she is human and a very good diplomat

Harmonia (Dan) – A seemingly promiscuous, drop dead gorgeous redhaired human female Bard who wishes to tell the tales of the Uther Syndicate (she took the liberty to name the group on her own last night) and grow Lord L and therefore Bane’s power throughout the land.

Last night we were tasked by Lord L to talk with General Pixus and obtain a contract for one year service. The price of the contract was left to the group to determine as a test from Lord L. With some talented negotiation from Chris’s Character and some gentle persuading in the General’s Chamber from Harmonia, the General agreed to sign the contract for $20,000 GP/month (about double the normal price). He also gave the group free rein to acquire any needed supplies from the armory and supply sheds and was generous enough to allow Lord L to take leadership over the entire town of Shoeshe. Lord L was very pleased and impressed.



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