Unthar- The Rise of Bane

May 28th, 2008 (Vork)

Pizar bad!

Us kill champeen. Pizar friend now.  Talk him good.  Moni say kill Pizar. Now Pizar bad.  Kill Pizar!  Now Pizar good?!?  Me not know.  This stupid!    Hmmm…  Talk Pizar more…grrr.  Stupid Pizar.  Pizar like dumb god.  Pizar bad again. Smash Pizar!  Me crush Pizar.  We got Pizar loot.  Good shiny Vork armor.  Happy armor, haha!  Bring Pizar to big boss.  He mad, yell some stuff.  Meet shadow man.  Pretty shiny gold rock.  Bad kitty come back.  Dead kitty now.  Kitty gone, no eat…that sad.  More talk, me bored. YAWN  We got plan. shrug  Go eat lotsa food.  Friends go away, come back.  Run outside.  Look Spider man.  No find him.  Pizar dead.  Me no care, got Pizar loot.  Big Boss REAL BIG boss now?  We big strong now.  Vork want fun-time.  Go Lily Pad, make big snu-snu!!  Oops…me break nice lady.  Pay more, it ok.  Me drink happy-juice, look for fight.  It good day!



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