Unthar- The Rise of Bane

May 28, 2008 The Unther Times by Harpsichord Flatbottom

Mulherand Leaders Slain in Deadly Assasination Attempt

Champion Holgart Durant and General Nilder Pizor were both murdered in seperate events by a deadly assasin known only as "Spider" Below you will see a picture of the killer <Spider's picture is in the article>. Lord Leland of Shoeshil, has generously offered a 10,000gp reward for the capture or death of the assasin. He was quoted as saying "These murders from the North must be brought to justice quickly, before any more Unthalins are senslessly murdered". If anyone has any knowledge about the wearabouts of said killer, please contact Lord Leland's trusted assistant and herald of the Unther Syndicate Harmonia at Lord Leland's Keep.

The funerals will be held as soon as General Pizor's successor, Captian Durant, feels that it is safe to do so. The Captain – recently promoted to Acting General by General Pizor – was Pizor's trusted 2nd in command. Sources close to the deceased, say that General Pizor's last orders were to promote Captain Durant to the rank of General with the understanding that he would leave Shoshil under Lord Leland's just rule, while General Durant took his army North to fight the forces of darkness. It is unclear at this point, whether General Durant will travel North as ordered. What is clear is that Unthalis will not be truly safe until he does. 

Members of The Unther Sydicate urge you to join them in a public protest this coming Friday asking the newly appointed General to obey the orders of a dying man and take his armies North, ridding us of the evil in this land.  

Bard's join to help the public read

Article talking about how local bards are planning and scheduling weekly readings of The Unther Times in the taverns, inns, libraries, and local gathering places. Local bards are encouraged to join in and entertain the crowds. Each week the bard with the most entertaing dictation of the newsprint will be awarded 10 gold pieces at the storefront of Lord Dendrick's wares. <Harmoina will have her servants deliver the gold>
Food for the Poor

Story talking about how Lord Leland is starting to set up a food line serving soup and bread every Sunday at dusk.

Gossip Column/Editorials

Northerners infiltrate Mulhurand strongholds – talks about evil creatures from the north digging tunnels into the fort allowing for assassins to do their worst

General Durant fears death and will not travel north – Talks about how the Captain took Pizors post and rank but is too cowardly to travel North to defeat the evil that lies there

Lord Leland welcomes newcomers to Shoshil and guantees their saftey -Drawn pictures of Leland welcoming in small children and families as they enter the town.


Strong young farmer seeks aging widow for companionship and more. Meet daily at the dancing daisy when the sun is highest in the sky. 

For Sale: High quality traveler clothes for sale or trade. Interested? Visit the clothesline at the corner of town past the large oak  

A picture here signifying "If you wish to to post an ad send 1 copper piece to the following address: Harpsicord Flatbottom (Harmonia's address)



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