Unthar- The Rise of Bane

June 4 2008

In the aftermath of General Pizar's death, Capitan Dillard brought Harmonia back to the guard post castle to allow her to heal her wounds. The next day Lord Leland and the rest of the Unther Syndicate met briefly to discuss recent events. Surprisingly Leland was not as upset as some feared with the death of the General, he was displeased with the group not working as a united force. He sent the group to the castle to find out the status of the group's herald. They were met at the gates by 2 guards who detained them while other guards sought permission from the Captain to allow them to enter. They were permitted entry and gathered in the great hall to discuss the happenings and saw that Harmonia was alive and stable, still looking the worse for wear.
 The Captain offered Harmonia to act as his advisor, a proposition she was still mulling over. He also offered to continue the contract  that the group had with General Pizar – our services for 10,000gp a month. Illkirk made it clear that Lord Leland wanted to see her, she said she'd be along shortly. Just before the Syndicate was about to leave Harmonia made an effort to acquire some new items being a mostly fighter army there was little magic that was offered but the captain revealed that there was a secret stash of poerful items located in the castle.
Harmonia seeing how her options were limited asked if the Captain had anything for the great giant Vork. The captain looked at Vork and asked him if he would need some armor. Vork replied "Vork have new Shiney Armor" (or something like that). The Captain inquired more and discovered that Vork had the Champions armor on and demanded it back. While Whisper slunk in the shadows waiting for an opportune time to strike (if needed) Illkirk concocted a story of how Vork found the armor laying in a dark ally, must have been dropped by the infamous Spider. The Captain bought the story assigned the group to start looking for the elusive Spider and report back in a week. All left to report back to Leland, Harmonia joined the group about 10 minutes after they arrived at Leland's keep.
 Once the group reported back, Leland talked about a powerful general fighting in the North who just lost his God to the wars (Gilgem). Leland said this would be a good opportunity to convert him to the ways of Bane but to do so we'd have to acquire a great sword of the Gods which holds the essence of the slain God Gilgem. This sword was located in a thieves guild. They were unaware of what they held and we were instructed to obtain the sword but not to use it. Leland gave us 100,000gp to help in the process.

Whisper learned of a contact that could help us – a Dwarven bar keep by the name of Vargus who owed the Vampire's Kiss – a tavern in the shady part of town where even the guards do not patrol.
 The meeting went surprisingly well and according to plan. Illkirk seemed to already know Vargus and when approached for information on the guild it only took 200gp to acquire a map and information about how best to travel.

Vargus was also kind enough to inform the group that a 200,000gp price was on our heads from Spider and that he was going to Mulhurand to tell the officials there that the Syndicate killed the General and Champion.


Nice! I especially like, “the meeting went surprisingly well and according to plan”, hehe. ;)

June 4 2008

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