Unthar- The Rise of Bane

June 28, 2008

After many hot days of travel the Unther Syndicate finally reached the famed city of Saqamzar.
as they approached, there was a feeling of apprehension which made the group feel uneasy and caused
them to use extreme caution. Riegel, Harmonia and one of Gibby's pretties, flew in for a closer look
while the rest of the group waited for their return.

A deserted desert city awaited them, or so it would seem. As Riegel and Harmonia grew closer, all they saw
was troll skeletons littering the ground. Riegel spotted the temple where the map to the thieves guild was said to
be located by our guide, Pacco. Riegel summoned a hawk to get a closer look, Harmonia as well flew in closer.
When nothing seemed to be active, Harmonia sung out and the door to the temple magically opened and the undead
rose and formed into fiery skeletal guards, protecting the temple gate. Riegel and Harmonia now had something to report back
to the group and made haste to fly off to do so. It was decided to fly in and land on the roof of the temple. It was a
heavy load but Harmonia, Riegel and "pretty" were able to carry Gibby, Vork, Illkirk, Whisper and Pacco.

Once at the temple Gibby made quick work of the temple ceiling to create a new entrance. Below in the inner chamber was a circle
of fiery skeletal trolls. Gibby jumped down to crush them while Whisper and Pacco repelled into a nearby window.

Harmonia and Vork flew down to the main entrance to try and make a dent in the many undead that were now forming at the front gate.
After some mighty swings of Vorks sword, it was quickly decided that they were out numbered. Riegel stood at the temple door
poised for attack, when her heard the soft voice of Harmonia singing a sweet melody. He was surprised when the walls
began to surround him but knew it to be only an illusion to keep the reinforcements at bay. Surveying the situation he took out his red cap
and dipped his finger in for a taste. Pain shrieked through Gibby's burning flesh but his wounds healed from Riegel's
menacing touch.

Vork was dropped into the temple to aid Gibby and both destroyed many skeleton's, only to have them explode and then
rise again. The giants were slow to catch on to their regenerative properties, but luckily Riegel was quick to act and
doused the flames as they fell with magically created water.

Whisper was first to notice the broken seal of Lathander replaced with one of Set.

Whisper, Pacco and Illkirk split up to find the scroll. While the dousing of the skeletons continued, Illkirk opened
a door to a room full of scrolls, and one insane Lich who demanded Illkirk to bring him Peaches.

Whisper also opened a door to a separate room and found a disturbing coconut husk doll that Harmonia determined to have
necromantic properties. Un willing to touch the accursed object, Whisper carefully gathered the item with a wooden tray.
Illkirk, seeing the doll made a quick assumption that it must be "Peaches". Lost in thought Illkirk did not have time to warn Harmonia of the lich in the room as
she flew past, into the scroll room. Again he asked for peaches. She promised to bring him some peaches and left quickly.
Illkirk explained his assumption and Harmonia conjured a magical hand to carry the doll and brought it to the lich. While he
was happy to see his peaches, he was not amused by the magical hand presenting it to him. Harmonia agreed to exchange peaches for the scroll
and the two had an accord, or so she thought. When she handed the doll to the lich she felt her life being sucked away from her
as the lich seemed to drain her essence. She could not move but she was able to squeeze out a few words "take all of the scrolls".
Whisper and Illkirk started dumping scroll after scroll into their bags. Pacco raced in and fired some arrows at the lich, to no
effect. The crafty halfling saw a scroll in the Liches belt and decided to take Peaches in hopes of stopping the lich. After many attempts, he finally succeeded
and began to draw from the liches energy. While the Lich was incompacitated, the rest of the group (except Gibby and Reigel who were still
dealing with the skeletons) took down the Lich and contained Peaches. It was decided that Peaches would be brought back to Lord Leland.
Pacco was not too keen on letting anyone else possess Peaches, so harmonia conjured a Kenku to take it, and the group
quickly killed the Kenku, mage handed the doll into a burlap sack and gave it to Vork to hold until we returned.




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