Unthar- The Rise of Bane

July 28th Write up

While the group prepared and fortified the guild a visitor came requesting an audience with the Unther Syndicate. Since this new location was supposed to be a secret place, the group was surprised and leery of the visitor. The group went out to meet the mysterious visitor. The dark shadowy being knew the members names and they were worshipers of Bane but gave little indication as to who he/she was. Harmonia, tired and suspicious told Vork to "kill her". As soon as the words were spoken the cloaked figure through back her arms revealing white wings that radiated the goodness and power of Lathander. Elenthia revealed herself as said she was her to put an end to our deceit and deceptions. The angel did well against the group. For the most part, the weapons they held did little damage to her but through persistent tripping and grappling from Vork and Harmonia the group managed to capture her. As Whisper began tying her up and Rygle planned of a glorious sacrifice, in a blink of the eye, she disappeared.

 As the days passed, Dillard's suspicion of the Syndicate and Lord Leland grew. He sent guards to surround Lelands keep to "protect it" while the Syndicate was away and requested an audience with Harmonia. After Illkirk cast an augury spell do determine if she would be safe, she flew off to meet with him. Unknown to Harmonia, Whisper loomed in the shadows watching. Dillard's latest plan to remove the syndicate was to send them to the front lines to the west under the command of General Toras. She said she couldn't speak for the group and would ask them, knowing full well they would not be going any time soon. Dillard was also upset that the syndicate was getting all of the fame and glory while he and his troops did not get any recognition. He "offered" to send 10 of his guards to help us in fighting the Trolls and Giants so that they too could gain some glory on the printed page.  

The syndicate began making plans to remove General Dillard from his post. Pocco used the Unther Times and his network to find a look alike for the General which he did – the spitting image of Dillard. The plan was to teleport into Dillards bed chamber kill or capture him and replace him with the look alike. Rygle teleported the group as laid out in the plan only to find Dillards bed surrounded by guards with Elethia and Ourapuck in the back corner pleased that her intuition was right. 




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