Unthar- The Rise of Bane

July 28th The Unther Times

Shussel under new leadership


It appears that Mulhurand officials have named General Dillard as the new leader and protector of Shussel. (picture of the General included in article). As one of his first official duties, the General removed many of the brave guards who helped protect the city in the past under General Pizor’s command and replaced them with some of his own "trusted" men. While I'm sure these new troops will perform their duties adequately it begs the question, "why did he have the other guards removed in the first place?". The General was unavailable for comment.


Local parade lights up the town

A fabulous parade celebrating the brave efforts of the Unther Syndicate occurred yesterday at noon. The festivities allowed the community an opportunity to thank the Syndicate for its efforts protecting the town. Many Syndicate members were in attendance and Harmonia put on entertaining performances recreating the battles won. Meat and Bread was provided for all attending and all children received wonderful candies and small signed pictures of the Unther Syndicate members to trade with friends (think baseball cards). The Syndicate members were quite moved by the festivities and thanked the town for creating such a stir. They vowed to help bring the town to its prior glory before the dark mist swooped away so many lives.

Local Heroes Seek New Members 

 During some of the lovely speeches given during the parade, Harmonia, of the Unther Syndicate, asked the crowd to let her know if any would like to join the syndicate as full fledged members. All types of skills were needed, even skills beyond battle. Cooks, road crews, newspaper delivery, artists, crafters, many were needed to help spread the word and help build the town and its walls to protect against the beasts at the outskirts. All interested should inquire at Lord Leland's Keep 2 weeks from Tuesday. 


Giants and Trolls Plague Outskirts

There have been many reports of Giants and Trolls causing problems at the outskirts of town. Citizens should be careful when traveling at night and always go in groups. The Syndicate has been assigned to clear up these problems so we will have to pray that they are able to in a timely manner. 

 General Dillard Posts Guards Around Lord Lelands Keep

In a bold display of power, General Dillard has posted 10 guards around Lord Leland's Keep to "protect" it from the Troll and Giant threat. He has also ordered all of Lord Lelands business contracts to be investigated. It is unclear as to the reason this investigation persists or what evidence or right the General has to perform such a search on someone who has done so much good for the community. What is clear, is that until these investigations are concluded, the soup kitchen will unfortunately not be able to continue until all staff are able to get back to regular business. Let us hope the General is able to conclude his investigation quickly so that normal operations can continue to benefit the community.

General Elections Proposed

Many larger cities have full working governments allowing the armies to venture out and protect the land, leaving administrators elected by the common folk or appointed due to royal lineages to run the day to day operations of the town. While Shussel isn't a large city, a similar model would be beneficial regardless of size. With the recent terrors this small town has seen, the Mulhurand Army would do better on the front line preventing these terrors from making their way to our small town instead of having guards hassle the local population due to boredom. A small town meeting is scheduled for the day after tomorrow at midnight to discuss possible solutions and possible candidates. All community members are welcome to attend.



Help wanted! If you have an adventurous soul and a willingness to learn you could be a perfect choice to become a member of the Unther Syndicate. All interested should inquire at Lord Leland's Keep 2 weeks from Tuesday. 


Feeling blue? Visit Tapper John's liquid remedies on the corner of Bell Street near the Old Orchid Inn


Upcoming brothel seeks clean and attractive females for permanent or temporary positions. Good pay and benefits, lodging is available for the right applicants. Interested? Come by the Dark Knight Tavern at 8pm Thursday for more information.






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