Unthar- The Rise of Bane

July 15th Write up

The group grew ever closer to the Thieves Guild. As whisper scouted ahead it was clear that the two humans sitting by the fire were not mere travelers or surprised to have visitors. The group approached and was briefly questioned. The two guards agreed to allow the group an audience with the guild leader Jerod as long as we stripped down and put on plain robes and a blindfold. Perhaps it was too many days in the hot blazing sun but Harmonia, Rygel and Pocco agreed to the terms while the other members of the Syndicate wisely stayed behind. Whisper seemed to be know where in sight but was secretly following the guards to learn of the entrance to the guild. The guards took Harmonia and Rygel through a series of twists and turns until finally they were face to face with Jerod and to his right, Spider. Harsh words were spoken about broken deals, murder attempts and penance due. Seeing an opportunity to gain more allies, Harmonia agreed to receive penance as long as it would help build a new relationship with the guild. The agreement was made and Harmonia was brought to a cell. Rygel and Pocco were brought to holding cells as well. Spider and two guards were beating Harmonia for hours until they realized she wasn't minding it too much. Spider with a wicked look in his eyes decided to up the ante and attempted to rape her with one of the sticks they were using to beat her. Harmonia's eyes turned red as she attempted to break free. Rygel hearing the commotion came to her aid, tricked the guards to open the cell and fired off an endless stream of fireballs. Chained to the wall there was little Harmonia could do and quickly fell unconscious. Drifting back and forth she felt the pain of the stick penetrating her. Rygel, to his credit caused enough suffering of his own to get Spider's attention. Harmonia ceased the moment and cast a knock spell to unfasten the chains.

During this time Whisper informed Illkirk, Vork and Gibby where the entrance was and all decided to go in, Gibby wearing Harmonia's Cloak of Humankind. Through various tunnels and traps the group made their way through the guild and eventually found Harmonia, Rygel and Pocco in full combat. Many great strategies were used by all Whisper culled through dozens of guards with godlike precision. Illkirk reequipped the group, not even time could stand in his way. Gibby and Vork did what giants do best – smash, even little Pacco fired some rounds off while carefully avoiding Jerod.

Lord Leland appeared and praised the group and cleared out the remaining guards. He spoke to Jerod, healed him and gave him back the swords Vork disarmed him of. The group looks surprised and doubted these intentions, but in the end this was but another test. The group easily felled Jerod and Harmonia had her revenge.

The group was rewarded with the Guild itself, Millions in gold coin and items, and Leland's approval. The group also recovered the sword they were sent to retrieve and presented it to Lord Leland.



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