Unthar- The Rise of Bane

July 15, 2008 The Unther Times

The Unther Sydicate Brings the Deadly Assassin to Justice!


The dark assassin from the North known only as “Spider” was brought to final justice today by our local heroes The Unther Syndicate. Spider was proven to be directly responsible for taking the lives of Champion Holgart Durant and General Nilder Pizor. The Syndicate was instructed by Captain Dillard to seek out the killer and bring him to justice. Sources close to the group report that the killer was found in the Northern regions of the area.


This is not the first time we’ve heard of problems coming from the North. The Syndicate has pleaded repeatedly with Captain Dillard to move his forces there to protect Shoeshil but his own cowardness prevents him from doing so. It seems safe to say that if the good Captain can not protect Shoeshil and is too fearful to venture North, stopping the plague of assassins, monsters and who knows what else – the Unther Syndicate surely will.


Lord Leland’s Flock Grows


While walking in the poor district in Shoeshil, Lord Leland noticed an old woman weeping uncontrollably. When he asked the women what was wrong she looked up and told him she could no longer afford to buy chicken feed and her flock would soon perish before they were ready to market. She was weeping because she feared her family would soon follow suit. With a genuine smile, the gracious lord offered to purchase the chickens early and at the full asking price. Leland was quoted as saying to the women “When these chickens are full grown and ready to eat I will invite your family and neighbors to visit my keep and dine with me and my staff”.


Gold Coins Start Art Gallery


A new art gallery opened last week in the heart of Shoeshil. Many works of art were displayed for the public to view both in sculpture and on canvas. Some of the images were a bit disturbing. A prominent sculpture titled “Greed” depicted a mutilated figure lying helpless on a cold stone floor missing eyes, ears, arms and completely disemboweled. Some of the canvas paintings were quite abstract one magnificent piece titled “Savior” had splashes of various colors with a simple red cap in the top right quadrant.


While the building and the current pieces are mostly from anonymous donors, submissions are accepted and welcomed.  


The new exhibit is a must see for all, children are recommended to be accompanied with adults and will be given a free sucker at the door. The “Greed” sculpture is only to be viewed after 7pm and for adults over 16 years or older.


Gossip Column/Editorials


A strange birdlike creature has been seen lurking in dark alleyways. Some say it is an omen of bad times ahead. If anyone sees the creature, please contact the times.

An adulterous shopkeep working for Lord Dendrick was caught in a lurid affair as his indiscretions were played for all to see last afternoon. While the women’s features seemed blurred it was clearly not his wife of 10 years.




Gold given for holy symbols. Trade in your old religious relics for a little bit of gold. Collections begin at 8pm morrows eve and every 3rd lunar day. Lathander symbols bring top dollar.


The Prancing Pony seek wait staff. Females preferred. Inquire within


Bring this ad in to receive ½ off a lamb stew special every Thursday night at the Drunken Sailor Inn.



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