Unthar- The Rise of Bane

Journey through the desert

The Unther Syndicate has set out to find the rumored thieves guild. Their goal is to gain the Sword of Gilgeam from the guild. According to Lord Leland, the guild does not realize the true power of the sword. The group has been instructed to get the sword and were given 200,000 gp to offer to the guild. Vargus, a local contact for the guild, found a guide to lead the group through the desert. This guide was Pocco Alvert, a charismatic Halfling with a love of telling stories. Pocco has proven himself to be formidable with his cross bow. The group was tracked down by a hungry stone giant, named Gibby. After a tough fight, Vork was able to convince Gibby to join the group with the promise of never ending food. At that point the group decided it was time to break their association with Pocco. Some members expressed distrust of Pocco and threatened to barbeque his mount (which did happen to be a savory treat…..mmmm…bacon) Whisper had a professional understanding with Pocco and assured him he could leave the group safely. Unfortunately the group did not back this agreement and felt that the break with Pocco needed to be a little more permanent then what Whisper had in mind. The group fell upon Pocco who attempted to hide and run away with the Aid of Whisper, who felt obligated to hold the agreement. The group surrounded Pocco who assured them they would not find the guild without his help. After “lotsa talk”, as stated by Vork, Pocco declared himself a fledgling convert of Bane to save his skin. The group accepted his declaration and wanted to have him perform the ritual of Bane. Unfortunately, As Rigel pointed out, there was not a worthy sacrifice to be found. So for now the group will take Pocco at his word until a worthy sacrifice can be identified. Pocco shared with the group the danger they face upon going to the thieves but first they must face the perilous journey into Saqamzar, an abandoned city to the west.



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