Unthar- The Rise of Bane

May 20th The Unther Times by Harpsichord Flatbottom

The 3 headed Chimera

<cool lead photo hand drawn> It was a pleasant unassuming day. The great people of Unthalis bristled about with their daily errands enjoying the warm sunshine on their backs oblivious to the events that would soon unfold. As the sun reached it's zenith a large three headed beast from the outer plains descended upon the unexpecting town; ripping, eating and shredding all in its path.

Rushing to the cries of the innocent, a small band of brave adventures known as the Unther Syndicate, arrived in time to see the horrid  beast devouring a few Unthalians.

Over a gentle wind a calming song filled the air with notes that seemed to bring with them a holy creature of beauty – a magnificent Lillend. The Chimera, after hearing the holy sounds of the Lillend, shook in fear and vowed to follow it where ever she would lead.

She lured the creature back to an out of the way stable so that the townsfolk would be safe from it's hideous jaws. While it feasted on the livestock she was able to kill the beast with her scimitar and brought it's head to the center of town for all to see.

It is amazing that the relatively unknown band of adventures known as the Unther Syndicate could wield such power, but it is clear that they did it and did it well. We are all indebted to this small band. If you see them on the street, be kind in your dealings, we all owe them a great service. The Unther Syndicate is made up of the following members: Illkirk never a more fair diplomat has there been. Vrok the mighty half giant, Augustus the cunning and Riegle the trickster an amusing fey who healed our wounded and cared for our dead. Many of which he convinced the clerics to bring back from their untimely demise.

General Pizor considers Lord Leland as leader of Shoeshil

News story announcing Gereral Pizor's intentions

Secrets of the Murdering Wind

Piece on the theory behind the murdering winds that took 9 out of 10 people. Talks about how Lathander has taken the best and most capable from the town and brought them to the celestial plains to aid in the war between the gods. Keeping Lathander in a positive light with ever so slight hints that he may have overstepped his power by taking his followers against their will.
Lord Dendrick's Shop

A picture piece of Dendricks storefront with like a "spotlight on new business" talking about his wares and competitive prices.
(Harmonia is planning to have his business strive and beat out his competition leaving only Lord Leland and Dendrick remaining. Once that is established she'll cook the books and expose Dendrick which should bankrupt him, leaving Leland to expand)

Gossip Column

Post some of the latest gossip from the local taverns and pubs


A picture here signifying "If you wish to to post an ad send 1 copper piece to the following address: Harpsicord Flatbottom (Harmonia's address)


Meant to comment on this one before, rather than the previous. I think I have the hang of it now, hehe. ;)

Great job!


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