Unthar- The Rise of Bane

Harmonia Addresses the Masses

As the Champion's ship burns brightly splitting the hull in half and sinks to the bottom of the ocean Harmonia grabs the survivors and flies to shore. General Dillard immediately orders those watching to sound the alarm and gather all residents to the castle. Harmonia teleports the General back to the castle so that he can summon all his troops. Harmonia immediately teleports to the center of town to the Local Bard Association HQ and gives word that all bards should get the word out that all residents are summoned to the castle immediately! General Dillard has important news that will impact everyone in very significant ways. Harmonia then starts flying to the farms and houses in the out of the way areas and starts shuttling them to the castle, singing along the way to report to the castle immediately.

 Once the majority of the masses are gathered, General Dillard will appear with 5 of his most trusted guards and Harmonia at his side.

General Dillard: "Greetings fellow Untharians. Thank you for coming here in this most inauspicious of times. As some of you know, Mulhurand has been seeing grave loses in battle as of late. These events no doubt have given rise to the increased assassination attempts and monster encounters in the area. Because of this, I asked the Pharaoh to send us a Champion to give me guidance and help me to secure our fair city. As some of you may have seen, the Champion did arrive. To explain the events that followed, please turn your attention to my trusted aid, Harmonia so that she can give you a full detailed account."

Harmonia: "Greetings beloved friends. As General Dillard stated, the Pharaoh did send the Champion to our lands but it was not to help us in our time of need, instead he was sent to obtain more bodies for the war effort. While this information is not new, Mulhurand was asking for more troops which many of you fine people have already signed up for but we were not expecting them to be sent to the front lines so quickly, without proper training.

After some negotiating, General Dillard learned that these new recruits would be little more than slaves and front line cannon fodder and the families would not be compensated for any loses. Mulhurand was also demanding every man women and child who were able to walk to board the Champion's ship in two days time. His ship would be one of many more to come in the next few days for immediate departure. General Dillard, looking after the well being of all of you refused to allow you all to be subjugated in this way. Defying orders is not accepted in the service of the Pharaoh and the Champion viewed this act as treason. The Champion ordered his guards to arrest General Dillard. One of the guards showed a lack of discipline and drew his sword, lunging at the General. The General then called upon the Unther Syndicate's help as he defended himself. We attempted to teleport away to avoid conflict, but were prevented by anti-teleport stones that were brought by the Champion to prevent anyone in the city from escaping. The Champion felt embarrassed and angry that this lowly General would dare defy him and refused to surrender, burning the ship so that it would not be captured.

 These events were surely unexpected and unwanted. I praise General Dillard for having the strength to stand up for all of our friends and families but this does put us in a difficult position. The Pharaoh will not allow this act to go unpunished, and he will be sending more ships to damn us all to the front lines to slow the progress of Mulhurand enemies.

As General Dillard's aide, I am advising him to prepare our borders for attack by Mulhurand forces. But to do this, he will need more than my weak words to prevent the Pharaoh from taking you all away on his slave ships. The General will need the power of the people to unite together as one beautiful voice to fight back the ships and forces that would drive us all into service and certain death. I ask you all, will you help defend Shussel?"

 Assuming a yes….

"Then let us speed the election process along. So far we have two candidates who have gathered enough signatures to run for Governor. Filsberg, Lord Leland's trusted advisor who I personally endorsed and Thomas Wittingsworth a noble from the Northend of town. Both are very capable I'm sure. Normally, we would have an election using paper ballot forms but due to the dire news I have just given and need for us to make quick preparations I hope you will all allow us to move forward by a vote of voices. The candidate with the loudest crowd response shall win. Everyone in favor of Filsberg being our new Governor join me in your loudest cheer (Harmonia shouts out in a loud Hooraah) All those in favor of Thomas Wittingsworth…?"

Assuming the crowd goes with Filsberg

"Thank you all for your voices. Thomas, it is obvious that some of the people believe in you as well so I hope you will help Governor Filsberg in the administrative duties needed to strengthen our society. I feel confident that with both of you working together our families will be safe from the slave ships due to arrive. Friends, we have much work to achieve in the coming days, General Dillard and I will be making defensive plans within the next hour and will be sending guards to town asking you all for your help in the fortifications. The great General has given us a chance for life beyond a bloodied battle ground, let us not squander that gift. Filsberg, oh excuse me, Governor Filsberg has told me he will provide food and drink to all as a thank you to the General and now I guess, a celebration of you putting your faith in him as our new Governor. Thank you all and may the Gods protect us in the coming days! If anyone needs a ride out to their homes please gather at the back of the castle. Wagons will begin shuttling families in about 15 minutes. Be Well" 



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