Unthar- The Rise of Bane

August 12,2008 Write Up

At the castle Elthia was killed, Ourapuck escaped, and General Dillard was teleported to be "purged of the evil within" and replaced with a look alike. After some crafty words the guards accepted the Sydicate's story that General Dillard was under a demon's spell and that Elthia and Ourapuck were really a Demon and Hell Hound in disguise. With the castle under their control the Syndicate advanced plans to hold elections, fortify the town, recruit and train more followers for both the syndicate and the guard. Mulhurand was sending Gold (200,000) to build up forces and train people for the eventual war draft that would come shortly. The war effort was not as successful as Mulhurand had hoped.

 The Champion of Anor was sent via ship with a contingent of 5 elite guards to meet with General Dillard and access the situation in Shousil. He also had a few tools to help fortify the castle against scrying and teleportation. Greeted on shore, The Champion asked General Dillard to speak privately with him on his ship, the General accepted and the Champion began asking questions and later interrogations. The Syndicate teleported out to kill the Champion thinking that it would draw less eyes 1 mile away from the city. The Champion and all his guards were killed, the ship was set a blaze with fire and sunk, and a few onlookers watched the event unfold before their eyes.  



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