Unthar- The Rise of Bane

A chance for power?

That holy whore of Lathander made a big mistake by tryin to mess with us again.  Too bad we couldnt keep her sweet ass around a little longer for some real fun, but it was great to see that bitch go down anyway.  Also good to see that tight-ass Dillard get what was comin to him.  Maybe I'll give Pocco a hand gettin all the information outta him.

Well, looks like we got a pretty good setup now.  We got the fake Dillard, the thieves guild, and the stupid peasants love us!  They almost bow down and lick Harmonia's tail when she goes by.  She's sure got a nice tail too…heheh…  Now we gotta kill that new champion scumbag thats comin from Mulhorand.  Once we got things under our control real good, and get some more converts to Bane, we can reveal everyone the true power of the God of Tyranny.  This land'll never be the same again when we're done with it.



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